The 2018 International Technology Enhanced Assessment Conference (TEA2018) will take place on 10-11 December 2018 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In this section, you can find the sponsors and partners of TEA2018.

Main Sponsors

DigitalEd (T.A. and Mobius) is on a mission to transform online education and empower educators to make learning better for everyone. DigitalEd online education solutions are designed especially for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses. With Maple™, the world-leading math software from Maplesoft™, providing the mathematical power, DigitalEd products are uniquely positioned to provide effective tools for online math-based education. DigitalEd is a spin-off of Maplesoft, and was formed to bring greater focus to Maplesoft’s online education product line. DigitalEd products have been used by academic institutions around the world since 2003. ??
At Grasple, our mission is to make knowledge open to everyone. Open means open in licence, open in access, and free. To achieve this, we developed an online editor, practice platform and item bank. We help educators find, create, edit, and share open exercises and lessons on math and statistics. Like Github, but for learning materials.
Our formative assessment tools include a Computer Algebra Systems (CAS), automatically generated assessments and user-friendly dashboards for teachers. In collaboration with the Amsterdam Centre for Learning Analytics, we are improving our adaptive formative assessment tool such that it automatically diagnoses student mastery and misconceptions, powered by our specialised knowledge graph.
With our model and technology, we can provide the best service and support to universities and schools, while keeping the content open to everyone.



At UNIwise, our priority is to support and improve the academic content, student learning and administrative efficiency within exam and assessment. We do this with WISEflow, the leading platform for electronic management of assessment.
As a cloud-based software-as-a-service solution that supports the students’ own devices (BYOD), our end-to-end exam & assessment platform makes it easy for your educational institution to engage in digital exams anytime and anywhere. WISEflow supports all work processes from the handout of assignments and submission of papers, to assessment, grading and feedback. WISEflow provides a structure that supports large-scale exams and assessments and a secure framework to maintain the integrity of exams, making it the preferred platform for educational institutions across Scandinavia and the UK.
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Xebic believes in a future where both teacher and student can fully focus on the content of the student's education and not be hindered by all sorts of administrative red tape. We make all this possible by providing solutions that will allow for a better cooperation between educational establishments, students and the applicable fields. Long Live Learning! That is what learning is, according to Xebic.

Our solutions:

  • GradeWork helps to keep a teacher's workload under control while simultaneously increasing the assessment quality. GradeWork streamlines the entire submitting and assessing processes for all types of work by the student.
  • OnStage assists education establishments in the coordination, progress monitoring and safeguarding of work placement, graduation and minors processes. By ensuring more transparency in these processes combined with digital file creation and accreditable reporting, OnStage will increase the quality of both education and its results.

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Questionmark's assessment technologies enable organisations to get trustworthy results when measuring knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes for certification, workforce learning, regulatory compliance and sales-force readiness. Customers worldwide rely Questionmark's award-winning platform for collaborative, multilingual item banking and assessment authoring; delivery via mobile devices including smartphones and tablets; secure, proctored exam delivery; and comprehensive reporting and analytics. 

​Questionmark cloud-based assessment management solutions offer rapid deployment, scalability for high-volume test delivery, available 24/7 support, and a European-based data centre. Questionmark’s flexible APIs and support of major industry standards ensure interoperability with a variety of enterprise systems.

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We are Teelen; an educational company fully focused on learning and testing. TestVision is our easy-to-use test application based on the latest testing knowledge.
We get joy out of clients reaching their learning goals because of our advice, help or service.
Our strength? Our motivated people. Combining experience and specialization enables us to answer any educational question.
Our mission? To enable people and organizations to continue to develop through improved learning and testing quality.
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We are a network of European universities, united by our commitment to build a different kind of inclusive university community. We excel in producing internationally relevant research, but not at the expense of the education of our students. We are leaders in academic research, within the top 250 in the world.
The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is proud member of the Aurora network.
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